Fiona Byrne-Sutton ceramics

Coming soon, a new range of Imagine Scotland tableware featuring unique, white ceramic, hand decorated mugs, bowls and plates. Join in a celebratory Imagine Scotland ceramic transfer workshop at the Festival of the Common Weal on Sunday 6 July, 12 - 5pm at the Arches Theatre, Glasgow G2 8DL . The Festival is an exciting day of art, music, talks and speakers to unite the energy of those who demand a progressive future for Scotland, where all of us come first. Bring family and friends!

Fiona Byrne-Sutton is also known for sculptural ceramic press moulded vessels which are physical, expressive of geological processes and embedded with Scottish clays she digs up. Each is hand made and unique. The vigorous handling of clay is a balance of risk and control. In exploring our natural heritage and biodiversity she is developing an imaginative geopoetic map of Scotland from her Glasgow studio.

This work features in two new books, Natural Glazes, Collecting and Making by Miranda France and Additions to Clay Bodies by Kathleen Standen; see the heading Writing for links and writing by Fiona. She was shortlisted for the Potclays Emerging Makers 2013 Award at the International Ceramics Festival, (ICF), Aberystwyth.

Weekly Glasgow Tuesday evening pottery classes restart in September 2014. Taster pottery and day workshops and gift vouchers on demand. Information and examples of classwork can be seen under the headings, Pottery Classes and Working with Others. Feel free to contact Fiona with any queries.

Favourite proverb: "If you would be happy all your life grow a garden." Fiona runs mobile pottery classes and projects for adults and children in schools, hospitals and community settings. The projects often feature your local clay and a walk to explore the landscape.