Fiona Byrne-Sutton

See Fiona_Byrne-Sutton's work and meet her at the Scotland: Craft and Design pavilion, London Design Fair 2017, 21 - 24 September. #craftscotland, #scotcraftdesign, #LDNdesignfair. Assemblage Golden_Gate_(after_Giotto)_ can be seen in #RSAOpen2017, @RoyalScottishAcad, The Mound, Edinburgh, 22 July-1 October 2017.

Fiona is an artist who works through the medium of ceramic and clay. Photos can be seen under the heading, Gallery, Her new assemblages go under the name The Angel's Share an industry term for the portion of whisky lost in evaporation in the cask barrel. Here it is a metaphor for the poetics of the temporal soul. The composition, colour and rhythm of her 3 dimensional assemblages are informed by early Italian Renaissance painting; namely Duccio di Buoninsegna’s (d.1319) Maesta in Siena Cathedral and Giotto di Bondone’s (d.1337) Scrovegni Chapel frescoes in Padua, Italy. Fiona's material process engages with modernism’s formalist legacy through the deconstruction of narrative into discrete components, visible process (press moulded clay, mono printing, collagraphy) and the repetition of minimalist rectangles.

Fiona's previous work, can be seen here and in the books, Natural Glazes, Collecting and Making by Miranda France and Additions to Clay Bodies by Kathleen Standen.

Pottery / ceramic day and evening classes in Fiona's studio. Next Wednesday afternoon classes and Thursday evening restart late August 2017. Next day taster 10 July. Contact Fiona to register your interest and with any enquiries. Gift vouchers, two hour taster available on request. Fiona is an experienced teacher and exhibiting artist who runs mobile classes and projects for adults and children in schools, hospitals and community settings. The projects often feature your local clay and a walk to explore the landscape.